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For Anyone Considering Leaving a Relationship Or Getting a Divorce: 

Here's How To Make The Best Decision Possible About Whether To Stay In or Leave Your Relationship... 

Dear Internet Friend, 

If you're unhappy in your relationship and you're considering leaving--then investing 5 minutes of your time right now to read the information on this web page could be one of the most important decisions you'll ever make and here's why...

If we guess correctly you're in either one of two situations. 

One-- you're unhappy in your current relationship and are trying to decide whether to stay or go. 

Or two, you've already made the decision to leave and want to make sure you're making the right decision.  

No matter which of these scenarios best describes your situation, you're about to discover some of the most important questions you need to ask yourself in order to make the clearest, most empowered decision possible about whether to Stay or Go.  

By reading the information on this web page you'll also discover a powerful new resource that will give you fresh new insights into your current relationship. 

No matter what your relationship is like now--we want you to know that a passionate, alive and connected relationship is possible for you or anyone else that wants one. 

Our Little Secret...

If you're feeling some uncertainty or doubt about whether you can really have a great relationship--- let us assure you that you can and we want to show you how and let you in on our little secret. 

We are relationship coaches and authors Susie and Otto Collins. In addition to helping other people create outstanding relationships in our relationship coaching practice, we have a truly fantastic relationship with each other.  

We don't say this to impress you, but to show you what is possible. 

Because the truth is we weren't always in a great relationship. 

You see, we know what it's like to be in a painful relationship. We were both in long term relationships that didn't work out. We've both been faced with the decision about whether to stay in or leave a relationship. 

We've both been where you are. We know what it's like to be in a relationship with someone you love and still feel cold and empty inside.  

If you're in a relationship that isn't working and you're not sure what to do, we'd like you to know that there is hope for a great relationship no matter how desperate your situation appears right now. 

Don't Make The Same Mistake Most People Make When They're in an Unhappy Relationship... 

A lot of people ( and couples) think that if they don't really focus on the issue of whether they want to stay in or leave their relationships--that the problems will magically somehow heal themselves. 

They won't. 

If you don't invest some quality time now in taking a true, honest and truthful look at the state of your relationship, you could stay stuck in this place of indecision for a very long time. 

It's amazing to us how many people are content to stay stuck in this place of indecision about their relationship--wasting so much precious time when they could be experiencing an incredible relationship filled with love, passion and joy. 

We encourage you to take an honest look at your situation and feel how much pain you've been feeling about this relationship. 

You need to decide that you're not willing to live without the love, passion, intimacy, tenderness, connection and yes, even sex any longer.

You have to take the first step to create the kind of relationship and love you want in your life. 

We're not suggesting that you should leave your current relationship or marriage and head out looking for the new love of your life. Only you can make that decision. 

What we are telling you is that life is too short to go through it without having the love you want in your life that's possible for all of us. 

It's important that you take some time now to gain the clarity about your relationship so that you'll be able to ask yourself openly and honestly whether you'll be able to heal your current relationship or not. 

You deserve to have love, passion and connection in your life. 

But, in order for your life and your situation to get better, you have some big decisions to make about your relationship and we'd like to help...

That's why we wrote the book "Should You Stay or Should You Go?" 

We wrote this book to help people like you spend less time living with question of whether to Stay or Go and help you gain the clarity for what's right for you. 

Sometimes you need help in making a decision... 

Years ago, when we were both faced with this decision we agonized forever. We needed help and didn't know where to get it. 

"Should You Stay or Should You Go? is the book we wish we had when we were faced with this decision a few years ago. 

If you're looking for some relationship expert or guru to tell you what you should do-- then this book isn't for you. 

"Should You Stay or Should You Go?" is an "action book"  filled with hundreds of questions, stories and insights that will help you consciously determine whether to stay in your present relationship or to move on.  

In this book we take you through a powerful process of discovery about yourself, your partner and your relationship.  By going through this process, the decision about what's best for you actually reveals itself to you.

This process asks you to take a thorough, heartfelt examination of your relationship to help you to clarify your next steps—whether those are to formulate ways to make the relationship better or to devise a plan to leave the relationship with grace. 



Here's what other people say about 
the book,"Should You Stay or 
Should You Go?" ...



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talk about what she discovered by reading "Should You 
Stay or Should You Go?"...

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"Thought provoking, stimulating and provocative. This book will give you lots to think about. It will help you dig a little deeper to help you make a better choice about staying in or leaving a relationship." 

         Larry James,, Author How to Really
                                       Love the One You're With."  


"I am so happy I purchased your book. I can not tell you how much I have learned from this. Not only about my relationship but my life. It has been a real gem to have this.

Discovering the truth about what I am really feeling inside about this relationship has been so exciting!  No more denying, keeping it inside, nor feeling guilty about what I feel.

This (book) has helped me in so many ways I can not explain it all. I really thank you. To share your wisdom and insight in such a way, is truly a gift. Thank you again,"

Suzy    (Address withheld by request) 

This information will  ...

  • Help you know whether you really want to stay in this relationship or move on

  • Help you discover what you really want in a relationship and whether you'll be able to have it in this relationship

  • Help you identify the real issues going on in this relationship (they may not be what you think) 

  • Help you understand the communication challenges going on between the two of you

  • Show you how the way money is handled in your relationship may be causing major problems without you even knowing it 

  • Tell you what to do if there's physical, emotional or sexual abuse going on in this relationship

  • Give you a new way of thinking about how addictions affect your relationship

  • Help you identify how patterns from your past may be unconsciously ruining your relationship right before your eyes

  • And much more.

The questions, stories and insights in this book are not intended as counseling or advice about your decision to stay or leave. Rather they provide a powerful process of self-discovery to help you come to your own best decision.  This process will help you clarify what’s going on in the relationship and will allow you to discover the answers that are inside you.

It is not our intention to suggest to you what is right, wrong, moral, immoral, or to pass judgment in any way about what you should or should not do in your relationships. 

Although we do give our opinions and insights about some of the issues, these decisions are yours and yours alone.  

Our intention is to present questions, examples and ideas that will help you to gain the insight that you need to make the best, most conscious decision possible when deciding whether to stay in or to leave your present relationship.  

Moving consciously through life can be a joyful, enriching experience and even the process of deciding whether to stay in or leave a relationship can be peaceful and filled with love if it’s done in a conscious manner.   We're certain that this book will help you in this process if that is your intention.

Whether you're feeling stuck and don't know what's best for you or you've already made your decision and just want reassurance that  you're doing the right thing-- you'll find hundreds of stories, insights and compelling questions in our book  "Should You Stay or Should You Go?"  It will help you get more clear about what you're feeling, the future of your relationship and what's right for you. 

This  is not an easy decision to make and you owe it to yourself and this relationship to make absolutely sure you have all the information you need to make the best decision possible.

This book will help give you the information you need to make this decision.

The book is not available in stores. 

When you order "Should You Stay or Should You Go?"  you'll have the choice of an Instantly downloadable e-book version or a Printed paperback version sent to you by Priority mail.

Plus, if you order now, we'll also include these 7 incredible bonuses too...  

Bonus #1

Creating Relationship Magic
In our e-book, "Creating Relationship Magic" we've identified 52 of the biggest challenges and issues we all face in our relationships and through powerful personal stories and examples, we show you how you can create magical relationships in your life. We've sold hundreds of these e-books from our web sites at $19.77 each. It's yours as a bonus for buying "Should You Stay or Should You Go?"  

Bonus #2

"6 Keys to Healing after Leaving a Painful Relationship"
by Susie and Otto Collins

This special report will give you six powerful ideas to help you move beyond where you are now and give you a fresh perspective on how to let go of your situation so you can allow the healing to begin.  You'll discover some simple, yet profound tools to move you through the pain to explore new possibilities for your relationships and your life.

This special report is valued at $7.95. We are including it here as an added bonus for buying our book "Should you stay or should you go?"

Bonus #3

"Love Lessons"
by Susie and Otto Collins

"Love Lessons" is a 56 page book that will give you dozens of powerful insights, tips, ideas and strategies for creating an outstanding relationship. This book is a distillation of many of the things that helped us to create the blissful relationship that we now enjoy.  This book was originally part of our "relationship toolkit."  Our relationship toolkit is now no longer available at any price. The value of this book is 19.95 if it was available.  

Bonus #4

"7 Keys to Creating A Great Relationship"
by Susie and Otto Collins

This is a 20 page Special Report that we created after we were asked to do a presentation on the 7 things we considered to be most important in creating an outstanding relationship. Of course there are more than 7 things that go into the make up of a great relationship. But, if you're going to limit yourself to only 7 Keys, these would be a wonderful foundation to form any relationship on. The value of this special report is $7.

Bonus # 5

 "10 Communication Mistakes"
by Susie and Otto Collins

We've identified ten communication mistakes that nearly everyone is making in their relationships.  Along with identifying these common mistakes, we give some proven, practical suggestions and ideas for eliminating these "mistakes" and creating great communication in any relationship that is a challenge for you.  This report is a $7 value.

The regular price for this package will be $59.00, but If you order now, you'll get the book "Should You Stay or Should You Go,"  the book "Creating Relationship Magic," the special report "6 Keys to Healing after Leaving a Painful Relationship," and the other 5 bonuses at the introductory low price at $29.95 . 

Our goal is to help you make the clearest,  most conscious decision possible about whether to stay in or leave this relationship. Plus, we also want to give you some powerful ideas, strategies and suggestions  for taking your next logical step toward getting the love you want in your life.   

Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can't-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. 

If for any reason, you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, just let us know within 30 days and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price. 

If the relationship that you are considering leaving is one that is (or was) important to you--you don't want to look back in a month, two months, 2 years or 20 years from now and kick yourself because you made the wrong decision. That would be hard to live with. 

Order the book now to make sure you make the right decision. 

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Many Blessings, 

Susie and Otto Collins 

P.S. "Should you Stay or Should you Go" is not available in stores anywhere.  It's only available here on our web site.  Don't Put It Off. Order Now For only $29.95  and you'll be able to download the book instantly or we can ship the printed version to you and you'll have it soon. 



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